The Digo payment network adapts to the reality of Venezuela

The platform offers an accessible, safe and very user-friendly proposal for different targets

Every day there are numerous users who join the social payment network Digo. Around 150 and 200 clients per day are part of the platform, which is developing functions and possibilities that not only allow having multiple payment systems, but also to solve people everyday problems.

With the vision of maintaining the growth of the digital payments ecosystem, Digo reaches the Venezuelan market with the intention of offering accessible, safe and very user-friendly proposals for different types of users, designed through “in house” to meet the needs specific users of the Caribbean country.

Julio Mier y Terán, executive president of ‘Digo Pago Sistemas’, assured that Venezuela is gradually adjusting to digital transactions, a will that has resulted from both the economic agents and the National Executive in promoting the country to this global trend from which you should not move away.

Among the benefits that Digo offers are: developing solutions to instantly pay for consumption in stores; manage expenses through accounts for natural and legal persons; manage treasury and financial services in companies; pay public services; cancel sales with delivery on social networks; and now it is developing a mechanism to pay for public transport without plastic, but through a “digital card with a QR code.”

“Our QR codes have a user experience enabler to make it easier. When a user goes to pay in a store, the code is scanned and the funds are transferred immediately, not as in bank transfers that involve a 24-hour wait, so there is no compensation process; everything is instantaneous”, as Mier y Terán assured.

K. Villarroel

Source: bancaynegocios

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