The Chilean Congress approved a 40-hour weekly shift

This Tuesday, the Chilean Congress gave the green light to the bill that reduces the working day to 40 hours a week

The Chilean Congress of Deputies has approved by a large majority the bill to reduce the working day from 45 to 40 hours a week, a new legislation that must now be ratified by the country’s president, Gabriel Boric.

The Lower House has approved with 127 votes in favor and only fourteen against – all of them from the far-right Republican Party – this bill, formulated four years ago by the then deputy and now executive spokesperson, Camila Vallejo.

In 2019 Congress already approved the proposal, although it is true that the Senate kept it blocked until Boric assumed the Presidency and promoted the vote on a law that had been one of the fundamental pillars of his candidacy, according to the T13 chain.

Now President Boric must definitively promulgate this law, and from the Executive they hope that the final signature can be given on May 1, taking advantage of the commemoration of International Workers’ Day.

The Secretary of Labor, Giorgio Boccardo, explained that the Government’s objective is to gradually implement the 40-hour workday over the next five years, in such a way that companies reduce their employees’ weekly hours by one hour each year.

However, Boccardo has confirmed that those companies that commit to an immediate reduction in the working day will receive in return the ’40-hour Seal’, a special certification from the Government.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Rai Singh Uriarte, Unsplash)

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