AWS launches AI generative platform

The Amazon platform announced the launch of a new service focused on artificial intelligence

Amazon World Services (AWS) announced the launch of new services and tools that aim to democratize generative artificial intelligence (AI) by making it easier for all developers to access a wide range of foundational (FM) models, of which AI is powered to create the content.

Amazon has specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning for twenty years, technologies that have enabled it to develop services such as the Alexa cloud voice assistant, the Prime Air e-commerce recommendation engine, and Amazon’s computer vision technology Go.

During this time, AWS explained in a statement, it innovated to provide a highly productive and scalable infrastructure for cost-effective ML training and inference, while also launching various services that allow customers to add AI capabilities to existing applications. applications, such as image recognition, prediction, and smart search, through an application programming interface (API) call.

For generative AI, the company applies the same “democratizing approach” and, for this reason, it is now working to take these technologies out of the field of research and experimentation and extend their availability beyond ‘startups’ and large technology companies.

With this objective, it has now launched a series of innovations that, according to what it has indicated, will help its clients to use generative AI in their companies in a “practical and simple” way.

Source: dpa

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