Telegram is updated to allow registration without a SIM card

The messaging platform recently announced a significant change in user registration, which is now allowed without a SIM card, which eliminates the need to share the user's phone number

The latest Telegram update allows users to register without the need for a SIM card. Which implies that it is not necessary to share the telephone number to enter the platform.

As is known, the telephone number works as a means of identification for the Telegram user. The new update seeks to “anonymize” the experience. However, it is necessary to point out that this novelty is paid and is available in version 9.2 of Telegram.

According to the publication on the Xataka Android portal, the objective is “the decentralization of blockchains: instead of telephone numbers and cards delivered by telecommunications companies, Telegram advances with records through anonymous numbers associated with the blockchain.”

Telegram worked on creating a system of anonymous numbers, “which operate through its Fragment platform and are only functional within its environment.” The user must buy a number on the blockchain, replacing their SIM card from any cell phone operator.

The innovation launched by Telegram is based on the TON network and prices vary depending on the token. For example, about 9 TON can currently represent more than 16 dollars.


Source: eluniversal

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