State of Florida bans TikTok in universities and public offices

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed three laws into law Monday, including one banning the use of TikTok at universities and public offices

This Monday, the governor of the state of Florida, Ron DeSantis, signed the law that prohibits the use of the TikTok platform in universities and public offices.

This bill is one of three signed by DeSantis in a new legislative package. In a subsequent press conference, he stated: “We believe that whatever utility these apps have is clearly outweighed by the benefit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) derives from data mining and being able to gather information.”

SB 258, signed by the governor, establishes the prohibition of the TikTok application, “owned by the Chinese company ByteDance”, in “wireless (wifi) Internet networks and mobile devices that are publicly owned”.

The laws approved on Monday focus on blocking influence on users both from China and from other countries considered “hostile”, such as Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria and North Korea.


Source: finanzasdigital

(Reference image source: Collabstr, Unsplash)

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