Amazon closed its Halo health division

The company decided to finish the work carried out with Halo, after selling all the products related to this

Amazon announced the closure of its Halo division, a decision it has made after they stopped selling three of its products; Band, View and Rise; and before laying off part of the team in charge of manufacturing them.

Amazon Halo is the eCommerce proposal in the sector of devices to monitor health together with a subscription service, and which includes among its products a smart bracelet, Band, capable of scanning the body in 3D to detect body fat.

The company said it has “made the difficult decision” to end this program after facing “significant headwinds, including an increasingly crowded segment and an uncertain economic environment,” according to Smart Home Vice President Melissa Cha.

Cha insisted that all Halo hardware will be discontinued and that he has already pulled the Band, Rise and View devices from Amazon. However, these can still be found at some retailers. The company will end support for Amazon Halo as of July 31, 2023. From then on, both electronic devices and the homonymous application will stop working.

To download or delete the health data of the latter, it can be done from the Settings page of the application. Images from this service may also be stored on the device itself. Unsaved health data will be deleted after August 1, 2023.

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Source: Pocket-lint

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