Spotify removes AI-generated songs from its play list

The platform has resorted to removing hundreds of songs generated with Artificial Intelligence

The Spotify music platform announced the removal of thousands of songs generated with Artificial Intelligence from its play list.

Although this technology has opened the doors to endless uses in different sectors of daily life, particularly in the arts sector, it poses conflicts with copyright.

Spotify focuses on this legal aspect, and hence the recent decision to remove thousands of AI-generated songs. The number of themes represents approximately 7 % of its current play list.

The platform is not the only one concerned about the use of applications that promise to create songs easily, without having musical training. Record companies are also on the alert because the AI ​​apps they use are training their algorithms to create music based on copyrighted tracks.

Currently, anyone who wishes can ask an AI application to create a painting, a book, or a sculpture, without the applicant actually being an artist. And the result will be according to the user’s specifications. In this regard, personalities from the technological world pose a brake on the speed of the development of AI and its impact on society.



(Reference image source: Emojisprout, Unsplash)

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