Spain powers digitization of the real estate sector

From virtual tours to sale 100 % online. This is how Spain promotes the real estate sector digitization

The Spanish real estate sector continues to reinvent itself and relies on digitization to improve the experience of its clients, offering new and innovative tools, increasingly immersive, ranging from online tours to 3D images, through interactive maps or virtual models.

In this context, the housing developer AEDAS Homes has gone one step further and has announced the 100 % online marketing of a development. The company seeks to “revolutionize the residential market” with Aborda, in the Cornisa de San Agustín neighborhood, in Alicante, its first sales project exclusively through digital channels.

“In this search for new formulas to connect with demand, the company promotes 100 % digital sales through an innovative, responsive and multi-device platform,” says Pablo Rodríguez-Losada, commercial and marketing director of AEDAS Homes. “It is an intelligent sales platform that provides an immersive customer experience,” he adds.


Virtual assistance and personalization


This new AEDAS Homes channel offers personalized information to each interested party taking into account their residential preferences, giving priority to image and immersive experiences: virtual tour, 3D images, views from the terrace of the houses, an interactive map, videos or a virtual model, among other tools.

In addition, the user enjoys a virtual assistant that answers their questions at any time and at any time, and the promoter maintains a constant relationship in which it informs them of the progress of the purchase process and satisfies the needs of these users. All this through ‘marketing automation’.

“We are aware that we are facing a great challenge and the key to success is transmitting to digital channels the trust generated in traditional sales. At the same time, we are facing a great opportunity to learn, understanding users and analyzing what are the points that most interest them, retain and convince them of this type of marketing”, explains Pablo Rodríguez-Losada.

The ultimate goal of the company is to get the user to reserve a home on their own, accessing a reservation process through Stripe (software that allows online payment systems to operate) and signing the documentation using electronic signature systems such as Docusign. “This check-out will mark a before and after in the housing market,” concludes the manager.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: dpa / AEDAS HOMES, Europa Press)

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