Some 100,000 ChatGPT accounts were hacked

The theft of these ChatGPT credentials was carried out by job offers called "infostealers"

More than 100,000 ChatGPT accounts have been compromised globally in the last year due to the use of so-called infostealers to infect computers with them and steal access credentials.

The theft of access credentials to ChatGPT accounts puts confidential information at risk, since many employees access this service to automate tasks, and it saves the history of AI requests and responses.

Between June 2022 and May 2023, researchers from the security firm Group-IB have detected 101,143 compromised ChatGPT accounts, whose credentials have been put up for sale on the ‘darkweb’.

This theft of credentials has been carried out with the help of so-called ‘infostealers’, malicious programs that infect a computer to steal information. These would also have been acquired on the ‘darkweb’. Group-IB the most used in this campaign are Racoon, Vidar and Redline.

In May 2023, the highest peak of records with compromised ChatGPT accounts (26,802) was detected, compared to the 74 detected in June of last year. However, this data may respond to the growth in popularity experienced by ChatGPT from November, when it was officially launched.

In fact, and following the line of popularity, the registrations with compromised accounts went from 594 in October 2022 to 1,134 in November and 2,766 in December of the same year, according to the information provided by Group-IB and shared on its official blog.

Analysis by region indicates that Asia-Pacific is the most affected in the analyzed period, with 40,999 devices infected with ‘infostealer’ and saved ChatGPT credentials. They are followed by the Near East and Africa (24,295) and Europe (16,951). By country, the most affected are India (12,632), Pakisbtan (9,217) and Brazil (6,531).

The periodic updating of passwords and the activation of a two-factor authentication system are two barriers that help protect the access credentials to ChatGPT accounts, as pointed out by Group-IB.

K. Tovar

Source: La Unión

(Reference image source: ilgmyzin, Unsplash)

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