Social networks and their importance in the labor market

Unchecked social media can become a hindrance to performance. But, if they are well directed, they are platforms that help to boost the personal brand and even earn money

The use of social networks in the office is common. It is strange that the workers do not have at least one account on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The danger in terms of productivity is that network sharing responsibilities are neglected.

Labor productivity does not have to be at odds with the use of social networks in the workplace. With discipline and good management of free moments, the worker can even earn money through an application or program on a social network.

Among the most current examples related to the good use of social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, is the creation of a personal brand. On the other hand, there is the ease of marketing personal skills immediately on these platforms.

The creation of an attractive profile, as well as the expression of skills through impressive images or a short video, is the ideal ally for the worker who makes good use of social networks.

Nowadays, even those who are looking for a vacancy have to find multiple vacancies on the social networks Facebook, Instagram and Telegram.


(Reference image source:, Unsplash)

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