Social network X approves political ads for the US elections

Ads about politics, parties and candidates in the United States electoral contest will be allowed on the social network X

The X social network, formerly Twitter, will allow the publication of ads with content about politics, parties and candidates participating in the US presidential elections.

The electoral contest for the election in 2024 of the new president of the nation is already mobilizing citizens in full campaign. Election related ads will now be supported.

According to the platform, “the move to allow all political ads in the United States could help X increase its revenue at a time when many advertisers have fled or reduced their spending on the platform for fear of appearing alongside inappropriate content.”

The elimination of the restrictions related to political propaganda are underpinned by the philosophy “Freedom of expression, not scope”, recently assumed by the social network and which, surely, will benefit the candidates for the United States presidential elections.

To maintain advertising transparency, a special team will be created to help users “see what political ads are being promoted on X.” Likewise, “political advertisements that spread false information or try to undermine public confidence in an election” will remain prohibited.


Source: finanzasdigital

(Reference image source: BoliviaInteligente, Unsplash)

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