SMEs, willing to accept payments with cryptos

A survey conducted by the Visa payment processor found that 24% of SMBs are willing to work with these transactions

A survey conducted by Visa found that one in four midsize businesses plan to implement cryptocurrency payments.

In the same study, it was determined that 73% of those surveyed want to accept new forms of digital payments, this being one of the key factors for the growth of companies by 2022.

The study involved 2,250 small business owners located in nine countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, the United States and Canada. Among these respondents, 82% said they planned to implement a form of digital payment option in 2022.

The demands of payments with cryptocurrencies are not limited only to small businesses, through Twitter the CEO of Airbnb Brian Chesky also mentioned the issue of payments with these assets and their implementation within the company.

K. Tovar

Source: BTC-Coins

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