Shanghai will build the largest hangar in Asia

This Monday, the start of construction of the largest hangar in Asia for the maintenance of the airline China Eastern Airlines was announced in Shanghai.

Shanghai will be home to the largest hangar in Asia, where maintenance service will be provided to the airline China Eastern Airlines, with an investment of 1.5 billion yuan (211 million dollars) and a total area of ​​more than 110,000 square meters.

According to information published in local media, China began the construction of an international aviation maintenance services platform for the airline China Eastern Airlines.

The facilities will include “three hangars, as well as workshops and support facilities for accessory repair and overhaul projects.”

The president of the China Eastern technology company, Fang Zhaoya, stated that “hangar number 1 of the platform will be the largest in Asia and will be able to accommodate nine wide-body aircraft simultaneously for maintenance.”

It has an extension of 316 meters wide and 146 meters deep, as well as the capacity to offer maintenance of wide-body aircraft.

This project in Shanghai is expected to be completed and delivered in the first half of 2026 to provide 1.8 million hours of annual aircraft maintenance services.


Source: xinhuanet

(Reference image source: Richard Lu in Unsplash)

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