Oil terminals suffer cyber attack

Oil terminals in Belgium, Holland and Germany suffered a high-magnitude hack according to authorities

A series of oil terminals located in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany recently suffered a major cyberattack, according to authorities.

The Antwerp prosecutor’s office, located in Belgium, confirmed the launch of an investigation of the cyberattack against the oil terminal in that port, the second largest in Europe after Rotterdam.

According to statements by Jelle Vreeman, an executive of the Riverlake, the attack generated “difficulties in the operation” because the operating programs were invalidated and it is not possible to proceed with the unloading of ships.

On the other hand, from Germany they confirmed that an “extortion investigation” was started due to this same event. Meanwhile, the European Union agency for police cooperation announced that it had offered its support to the authorities of the affected countries.

K. Tovar

Source: Bancaynegocios

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