Sebastián Cano Caporales: In football today I am mainly a Trainer

The founder of Secasports shares that he prefers to be seen as a Trainer (...) And adds that he is proud of what he has done for and for Venezuelan football throughout his years, with defects, but keeping ethical values very much in mind and high learned in your family

Understanding the importance and usefulness that the roles of agent and trainer have for football, both separately and in combination, we wanted to know the opinion of Cano Caporales in this regard, who has experience in both.

We invite you to appreciate and enjoy the video of this third segment -closing of the first cycle- of the conversation with Sebastián Cano Caporales at Secasports, during a visit made by the media from Grupo El Sumario to said competitive and emblematic junior soccer school, whose Headquarters are located in the city of Valencia, Carabobo state, Venezuela.

We asked the founder of Secasports about his current self-image, dedication and service. Sebastián Cano, how he considers himself and feels… Is he more of an Agent or does the role of Trainer predominate in him? This he answered us: In football today I am mainly a Trainer.

In Scasports as a team they believe in the comprehensive training of soccer players as part of the construction of Venezuela

Other interesting related topics, such as the future and opportunities of young Venezuelan players here and abroad, consolidation and development of women’s soccer here and everywhere, and/or progress, expansion and strengthening of the so-called soccer in the United States, we will be posting soon.

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With information from Puro Vinotinto and El Sumario

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