Samsung launches a TV that transforms into a picture

The company presented in Chile the TV The Frame, the innovative 4K HDR for the delight of the users

Samsung launches its new 55 “4K HDR television in Chile, South America. It is The Frame, a device designed to transform itself into a painting when it is turned off.

Those who can afford this device will enjoy a beautiful framed picture, hanging on the wall. It consists of a novel border and magnetic frames interchangeable to the taste or preference of the users.

The technology that brings the product to life is simple. “A light sensor detects how much light affects the screen and adapts the brightness and color tone for changing light situations, such as the living room of your home.” It also incorporates a motion sensor, because Art Mode spends on average 30% of the power of the TV on and off when nobody is watching.

The Samsung Frame model offers a license of 100 pre-charged frames. However, if the client knows a lot about art and wants to see pieces from Museo del Prado, for example, he only has to pay a monthly subscription to the Art Store and his preferences will be charged to the list that can reach a thousand pieces of art.

With this release, watching television adds value to the living room or the kitchen. The space allocated to place the TV will have greater glamor and relevance. The company offers free installation, an exchangeable gift framework and 6 months subscription to the Art Store.


Source: FayerWayer

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