Russia studies closing Wikipedia and creating a national option

The Russian government analyzes the creation of an alternative to Wikipedia to proceed with the closure of this platform

Russia’s Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights has acknowledged its intention to ban the Wikipedia encyclopedic portal, but not before developing a national “alternative”.

“We need to create an alternative as soon as possible and close Wikipedia (…). I am not calling to close it tomorrow, but of course we must move towards closing Wikipedia, because it is an ideological and politicized product,” said the president of the aforementioned council. , Valery Fadeev.

Fadeev has denounced that the portal is full of “distortions” in articles related to political or historical events, thus alluding to the section on the war in Ukraine, a text for which Russia has even denounced Wikipedia.

For his part, Igor Ashmanov, a member of the Presidential Council for Civil Development and Human Rights, has even gone so far as to classify Wikipedia as “a strategic weapon of the enemy”, and has reported that Russia is working on the Knowledge portal, based on the Great Russian Encyclopedia, according to the Interfax agency.

Although the Russian authorities have repeatedly urged Wikipedia to remove content classified as prohibited by Moscow, the portal’s managers have not removed such information, so Russia has included it in search engines as a “domestic infringer”.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Oberon Copeland,, Unsplash)

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