Petro will convene an international conference to stimulate dialogue in Venezuela

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, indicated on Twitter that he will convene an international meeting to open the way for dialogue in Venezuela

Gustavo Petro, president of Colombia, announced on Tuesday that he will organize an international meeting in the country in order to promote dialogue in Venezuela.

Petro, considered a conciliator by nature, has indicated that he seeks to “build the road map that allows effective political dialogue between society and the Venezuelan Government.”

Although he did not mention details regarding the date of this conference, the Colombian president is deeply interested in it being as soon as possible. In fact, it could happen after Easter.

The position of the Venezuelan government is not yet known, nor have details of the attendance of the nation’s president, Nicolás Maduro, been given. However, Petro bets that this happens.

The United States would be one of the first confirmed to attend this international meeting, in line with the conciliatory attitude of Joe Biden, president of the North American country.

Likewise, representatives of European and Latin American countries, which have supported the dialogue since the first step in Mexico, are expected to attend.


Source: rcnradio

(Reference image source: Engin Akyurt, Unsplash)

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