PlayStation2 turns 23 in the market

The best-selling video game console, PlayStation2, reaches its 23 years and is still the best-selling on the market

Since its official launch in the year 2000, the PlayStation2 video game console has held its own in the market. Now it celebrates 23 years as a favorite among gamers.

Beyond Sony’s subsequent releases, the PS2 maintains its charm. It is “the best-selling in history for its 155 million units sold, it has more than 3,870 titles.”

Its production was suspended on January 3, 2013, after thirteen years of activity. However, it is always a reference among video game lovers. It went from being a large and thick structure to having a slimmer and lighter design, as well as being more compact.

Even after the release of its successor, the PS3, PlayStation2 remained on the market for a while thanks to a considerable number of players. In this way he managed to compete with teams of a later generation.

Currently, the PS5 console is on the market, launched in November 2020, and of which more than 30 million have been sold.



(Reference image source: Nikita Kostrykin, Unsplash)

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