79th Annual Assembly of Fedecámaras will be in Maracaibo

The 79th Annual Assembly of Fedecámaras will take place in Maracaibo, Zulia state, from July 20 to 23. The participants will analyze the economic stagnation and the possibilities of development of the country

The president of Fedecámaras, Carlos Fernández, indicated at a press conference on March 1st that the organization’s 79th Annual Assembly will be held from July 20 to 23 in the city of Maracaibo, Zulia state.

The participants will analyze the current situation of the Venezuelan economy, as well as the prospects for recovery for 2023, despite the signs of stagnation and the inflationary crisis.

The call for participants, who will meet at the Tibisay hotel in Maracaibo, also includes the Expo-Fedecámaras 2023. “The participation of businessmen and union leaders from all over Venezuela and invited businessmen from other nations is expected, with the objective of that they invest in the country, that they bring their products back and trade is resumed,” Fernández said.

The “79th Annual Assembly, Road to the Future” will be the meeting point for specialists to analyze the development potential of the country in 2023.

Fernández indicated: “The rentier model has run out, and we have to establish a new economic, productive model that opens all spaces of economic activity to private participation, that favors the generation of more wealth, with a profoundly inclusive vocation.”

The press conference where the announcement was made was also attended by Ezio Angelini, president of Fedecámaras Zulia; the state governor, Manuel Rosales; the mayor of Maracaibo, Rafael Ramírez and the mayor of the San Francisco municipality, Gustavo Fernández.


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