Tinder implements verification by videoselfie

The Tinder dating application announced the implementation of video selfie verification to certify real profiles

Tinder has implemented the verification of profiles through ‘videoselfie’ to “strengthen” the existing verification process with photos and, through video and facial recognition technology, certify that the user is who they say they are and is not about a fake profile.

The dating app continues to provide methods to increase security on the social network, with tools that provide one more way to help members “better assess the authenticity of their match.”

One of the security measures currently used is photo verification, an option with which the user can show his possible ‘matches’ that he is really the person he claims to be. To do this, the user has to send a ‘selfie’ photograph taken at the moment for Tinder to compare it with the profile photos. In case of specifying that it is the same person, that user receives a blue verification badge to indicate to the rest of the members that it is a real profile.

Now, the ‘app’ has announced the implementation of a new verification system, with which it will ask the user to record a ‘videosselfie’ to improve the already existing photo verification process and certify that it is the person that appears in said photos.

Tinder users must follow the instructions to obtain verification

As the social network has explained in a statement on its blog, the person must complete “a series of instructions” in the videos that they will have to provide to obtain verification. Once you submit your video, a review process is launched that combines trusted people and facial recognition technology. Thus, a “more real” verification is achieved than with the still photographs that were requested up to now.

In addition, Tinder has indicated that users who are already verified and have the badge will be able to ask other users with whom they interact to carry out this same verification process before chatting. In this way, members will be able to have more control and security in the ‘app’.

Another feature that is added to the verification system, although it will arrive “in the coming months”, is that users will be able to select within their message settings, an option to receive messages only from members who are also verified.

To do this, they only have to select the option ‘Chat with verified photo’. For their part, Tinder Gold members will be able to filter the ‘Likes’ to receive them only from profiles with a verified photo. In the event that a user’s profile is out of date, for example due to not uploading photos often, Tinder will ask all members to update to the latest version of photo verification, including the system with ‘videoselfie’.

The verification of profiles with ‘videoselfie’ is now available globally for all users and free of charge, according to the company.

To start the process, the user will only have to enter the profile and touch the gray mark that appears next to their name. After that, select ‘Get verification’ and a screen will appear with the camera activated and an oval in which the face must be framed. Finally, the user must follow the instructions that appear on the screen and send the brief ‘videoselfie’.

The platform has ensured that almost 40% of members have already received their blue check mark. For all these reasons, the senior vice president of Product Integrity at Tinder, Rory Kozoll, has assured that they will continue to prioritize these methods to “help make Tinder a safer place to meet someone new.”

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Tinder, Europa Press / dpa)

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