Peru creates the first ecological laptop

Wawa Lapto is a computer made of wood considered eco-sustainable and eco-friendly

The Wawa Lapto laptop has become a very interesting technological tool, as its creators ensure that the operation is comprised of Linux open-source software and can also work with Wi-Fi as well as with a network cable. Wawa Lapto has the innovative function that can be charged with sunlight, with a useful life of approximately five to ten years, with a maximum duration of 15.

The initiative was based on a family of entrepreneurs in Peru who created this tool to counteract the inequalities in their country and lack of Internet access. Although humanity has made great advances in technology, a large part of the world’s population still does not have access to it.

Millions of people still do not know what a computer is, and if they do, they do not have enough money to buy one. This ecological invention is mainly aimed at improving the educational quality of children residing in the most vulnerable sectors of Peru and – if its expansion is achieved – of the world.

With a value of 799 in local currency, just under 240 dollars, the Wawa Lapto is being implemented in schools located in two areas of Lima: San Juan de Lurigancho and Santa Clara, with educational programs that allow extensive learning in the management of TIC.

Javier Carrasco, a computer engineer from the enterprise, points out that with Wawa Laptop “we want to make the community aware of the access to technology, tell parents that this tool will empower their children, who will improve the family economy and that of the community in the future. We also monitor the pilots to see how the project is developing.”

The progress in the creation of new versions of this computer is expected to continue.


Source: fayerwayer

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