PDVSA installs new digital gasoline pumps

The Minister of Petroleum, Pedro Rafael Tellechea, supervised in Caracas the installation of the new automated gasoline pumps, of Chinese origin, and which will soon be extended to the rest of the country

The Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA began the installation of new automated gasoline pumps in Caracas. According to the Minister of Petroleum, Pedro Rafael Tellechea, this initiative will soon be extended to the rest of the country to end user queues.

Tellechea indicated on Friday, June 14, that “333 new pumps have already been installed in 176 gasoline stations. The equipment brought from China has a touch screen where the payment operation can be made” in alliance with the Bank of Venezuela, expanding the payment method with debit and credit cards at the pump itself, QR code and mobile payment.

The minister of oil and president of PDVSA was also present on Friday at the installation of the dispenser at a service station located in the Altamira urbanization in Caracas.

Tellechea explained “that 850 pumps have already arrived from China and that with the 2024-2025 plan they are expected to be installed in the 1,800 gas stations throughout the country.”

He highlighted that these modern equipment “allow self-dispatch and promise speed in payment, since the driver of a 40-liter vehicle will take 20 seconds to complete the process.”


Source: talcualdigital

(Reference image source: @PDVSA, X)

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