Payments are received every day with the Bancamiga Points of Sale

Resources can be converted immediately at the Exchange Desk

Bancamiga Banco Universal multiplies the benefits of its customers with the Points of Sale, which can now receive their settlements 365 days a year.

This new advantage highlights the importance for the bank of facilitating processes and promoting microentrepreneurs and the commercial sector in general, explains a statement released by the institution.

With the resources from the liquidation, customers can immediately go to the Bancamiga Exchange Desk, a financial mechanism to buy and sell foreign currency quickly, safely, without intermediaries or surcharges.

The Bancamiga Points of Sale are an engine for the commercial sector

The institution’s Points of Sale have become an engine for the commercial sector, which has a tool where, in addition to trading, it also allows people to recharge and cancel services.

And it is that in the Bancamiga POS you can recharge Digitel, Movistar, Movilnet, Inter and Simple TV, play El Andinito of the Lotería del Táchira and seal the ‘5y6’. Soon, the services of Cantv and Corpoelec will be cancelled.

With the daily settlement, Bancamiga once again responds to the needs of its clients, who demand a different type of banking that speeds up the pace of commercial activity and stimulates the development of Venezuela, concludes the informative document.

With information from Bancamiga

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