Panorama of cryptocurrencies remains uncertain

An analysis of the behavior during the first 15 days of the year presented little fluctuation but with positive numbers

After 17 days of the first month of the year have elapsed, the cryptocurrency scenario continues to present a lot of instability and doubts for investors, both old and those who have begun to show interest in the market.

Digital currencies such as bitcoin or ethereum have not had the expected recovery, after the fall witnessed between the months of November and December of last year.

Despite this the last days the digital assets have presented a positive behavior, staying green, mainly bitcoin.

The btc still remains in debt to its hopeful buyers

One of the great hopes for users of cryptocurrencies is the growth of bitcoin. After December of 2017 was positioned above $ 18,000 many were left with the illusion of seeing much more of the asset.

However, this has not been possible until now, although there was some stability between 7,000 and 9,000 dollars for a time, the last three months of last year were fatal for the most important cryptocurrency in the world.

The last days the digital asset has presented a behavior in green, little by little it has been recovering strength to be located at an approximate value of 3,600 dollars.

During 2018 many experts and personalities close to this world said that the cryptoactive would break the $ 50,000 barrier, but as the months went by, the prediction dissipated until it reached the point of presenting disappointing forecasts for 2019.

The altcoin remain with fluctuations in the little showy market

The behavior of the altcoin such as the Ripple has remained discreet between January 16 and 17, hardly has been witnessed a flood of cents to reach 0.33 dollars.

The landscape of this type of assets is different, financial institutions and governments have taken it into consideration for various factors that make them attractive.

It remains to be expected what will be the scope of the possible regulations of which it is a victim this year and to appreciate if its attractiveness remains valid or decays.

Greater use and recommendation by official entities would help their quotation within the digital market grow considerably to the point of becoming a position as one of the most important.

The ethereum continues to win against bitcoin

The third largest cryptocurrency in the world (taking into account the levels of capitalization) is the one that has performed better on the market in recent days, percentage-wise speaking.

The ethereum has had better growth than bitcoin and other digital assets, with 1.45%. At this time the cryptocurrency is trading at approximately $ 112.

Recently it was discovered that this cryptocurrency has a security vulnerability that could make it prone to a “rebate attack”, which is nothing more than the possibility that a hacker steals the assets of a smart contract.

The cryptoactive has a great future ahead. Despite the delays in the launching of the constantinopla bifurcation of the ethereum, clients can still see an encouraging outlook for this currency.

Binance Coin: the big winner of the first 15 days of January 

The currency with the best performance during the first days of the year, in terms of growth, was Binance Coin with 4.5% registered between January 16 and 17.

This increase in its price led the digital asset to position itself at 6.18 dollars during the current week.

In the top 20 of the currencies with the best performance so far in January, USD Coin and Tether complete it, having lost 0.04 and 0.41%.

The current value of all the cryptocurrencies of the market transcends approximately to 122,200 million dollars, with a view to continue presenting improvements as the months of this 2019 go by.

The growth of this capitalization will be marked by many factors that would affect or not the confidence that the community may have in cryptocurrencies for years to come.

Months are expected, and even complicated years, but after passing a period of difficulties buyers could see a more stable market with a higher level of confidence.

K. Tovar

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