Oracle offers management for crypto-secure data

With this, the company wants to have a service to guarantee the immutability of business-critical data

Technology group Oracle announced the launch of a crypto-secure data management offering, which also intends to offer a free feature for converged database users.

Juan Loaiza, Executive Vice President of Mission Critical Database Technologies at Oracle, indicated that it has become apparent that customers deploying blockchain solutions often do not require the full capabilities of these implementations.

Due to this, the company decided to prepare an offer that takes advantage of the blockchain tables found within the database.

As noted, this is possible thanks to a series of cryptographic hashes. Immutable tables organize rows of data into multiple strings. Each row – except the first row in the chain – is chained to the previous row, much like a cryptocurrency blockchain network. The hash is then automatically calculated on insert based on the data in that row and the hash value of the previous row in the string. Timestamps are also recorded for each row as the data is inserted.

The executive vice president assured that blockchain tables allow customers to use the Oracle database when they need highly tamper resistant data management, but do not want to distribute a ledger among multiple organizations.

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

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