OpenAI announced the official release of Sora

The company OpenAI created a new tool that allows you to create videos with artificial intelligence from user descriptions in text format

The company OpenAI, responsible for the popular chatbot known as ChatGPT, announced the release of its new tool called Sora. This innovative tool allows you to create videos with artificial intelligence from users’ descriptions in text format.

The announcement was made through the official channels of OpenAI, where a brief demonstration of Sora’s capabilities was presented. Currently, the tool can generate videos of approximately 60 seconds in length, with a high level of detail. In addition, Sora allows you to adjust the positioning of the camera according to specifications and also include people in the scene.

Although Sora is under review, OpenAI has provided access to selected visual artists, designers and filmmakers to receive feedback and improve its performance. The aim is to adapt the tool to the needs of the users.

However, Sora’s model still has some limitations. For example, it is difficult to accurately simulate certain physics and may not establish causal relationships between events. As the company notes, “for example, a person might bite a cookie, but then the cookie might not show the bite mark.”

In addition, Sora may become confused with certain details of the messages shared by users, which affects its ability to accurately recreate spatial descriptions.

K. Tovar

Source: CNN

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