New password storage method based on DNA is launched

The startup Carverr developed a new security tool that will allow important files to be saved and prevent them from being hacked

The startup Carverr developed a system based on synthetic DNA, which will serve as a storage method for documents, images, operating systems and passwords.

Vishaal Bhuyan, CEO and co-founder of Carverr, pointed out that although this system seems to sound crazy, this can be considered as a new encryption tool aimed at strengthening security levels in terms of storage.

The process of saving information is simple: when the data is divided into basic binary format, they become a heap of zeros and ones. For its part, the language of DNA is composed of the letters A, T, C and G, which in turn are the abbreviations for the nucleotides that give shape to the steps of the DNA chain.

The DNA sample is linked with the password and it is stored to be consulted in the future by the person designated for said operation.

Carverr assured that this system, which in principle will be destined to the electronic wallets of cryptocurrencies, will be impenetrable and protected against any attempt of unauthorized entry.

K. Tovar

Source: TICbeat

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