Google will allow cryptocurrency advertising from October

Through a publication on his blog, the Internet giant announced that as of October, pre-approved companies in the United States and Japan will be able to publish crypto adds

In a recent publication on its official blog, Google announced that as of October it will allow the publication of cryptocurrency advertisements.

The Internet giant will provisionally lift the ban applied since last March, specifically for pre-approved companies and only in the United States and Japan. The company said that among its plans is to eliminate the global ban.

Google suspends the prohibition following the steps of Facebook that in June did the same, although maintaining restrictions on the ads that promoted binary options and ICOs. 

On Google’s recent decision, its publicist Scott Spencer has indicated: “We do not have a crystal ball to know where the future of cryptocurrencies is going, but we have seen enough harm to the consumer or the potential for damage that is an area that we want to address with extreme caution. “

Like Facebook, Google expects to work with legitimate cryptocurrency and cryptography companies as well as blockchain technology. For their part, users expect that they will soon be able to use the cryptographic applications CoPay, BitPay and Bitcoin Wallet again.


Source: Crypto Economy

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