Netflix will remove the standard plan without ads

Netflix will stop offering the standard plan without ads, a decision that has already begun implementing in some countries this summer

Netflix will stop offering the standard plan without ads, a decision that it already started to implement in some countries in summer for new subscribers, and that it will extend to the rest of users, starting with Canada and the United Kingdom.

The Standard plan with ads already represents 40 percent of all registrations in the markets with advertisers, a figure that supports the company’s intention to eliminate the Standard plan, which has no ads.

The company started to remove the Standard plan in summer, in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, so that new subscribers no longer had it as an option, to choose between the Standard with ads and the Premium.

The next step, as the company explains in the letter to investors on January 23, is to remove the Standard plan in some of the countries with advertisers, starting in Canada and the United Kingdom in the second quarter of this year, and continuing from there.

“We seek to offer a variety of prices and plans to meet a wide variety of needs, which include highly competitive entry prices,” the company said, clarifying that they can ask users to “pay a little more” as they invest and improve the platform “to reflect those improvements.”

Also, it highlighted the success that they believe they have had with the measures against account sharing; functions such as profile change or extra member were, according to the company, “highly demanded” and the payment for sharing has now become the center of their business.

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Source: Semana

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