Netflix, number one in world traffic in 2022

A study determined that Netflix had 14.9 % of all Internet consumption last year

According to a recent study, global Internet traffic reached a new record in 2022, with Netflix leading the list with 14.9 % of total volume, closely followed by YouTube with 11.6% and Generic OUIC with 5, 9 %

The study also revealed that Disney+ and TikTok accounted for 4.5 % and 3.9 % of global internet traffic, respectively. The increase in Internet traffic is attributed to the growing demand for online video streaming services and the popularity of social media.

In addition, global Internet traffic is expected to continue to develop in the near future due to the increasing adoption of 4K and 8K video streaming technology, as well as the increasing number of people working and studying from home.

According to the study, HTTP streaming media traffic and downloads accounted for 3.7 % and 3.0 % of total traffic, while Xbox Live and Facebook shared 2.9% and Prime Video accounted for 2.8 % of total Internet traffic. The other websites and platforms shared 43.9 %.

K. Tovar

Source: Descifrado

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