National Assembly of Venezuela approved law for inclusion and equality of people with disabilities

The National Assembly of Venezuela unanimously approved, on March 14, the law on the inclusion of people with disabilities in the country

The National Assembly (AN) of Venezuela, with a pro-government majority, unanimously approved on Thursday, March 14, a law for the inclusion, equality and comprehensive development of people with disabilities.

The law, according to a note from the AN, contains five chapters and 112 articles, which establish “the autonomy of people with disabilities to exercise their rights and guarantees under conditions of equality and non-discrimination.”

Likewise, it seeks to guarantee “participation and inclusion in their families and communities, as well as in cultural, sports, economic, educational, political, and recreational spaces,” among others, for the “full and free development of their personality.”

According to the law, the State, society and families have the duty to protect and care, in a comprehensive manner, for “people with disabilities, ensuring respect for their dignity, their human rights and the exercise of citizenship.”

In September 2023, the Public Ministry inaugurated a care office for older adults and people with disabilities in Caracas.

The attorney general, Tarek William Saab, then estimated that, in this office, located at the headquarters of the Superior Prosecutor’s Office of Caracas, around 30 people are served a day.

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