NA installs commission to recover the economy in the country

The main objective is to recover the country's economy and positively impact the salaries of Venezuelans

From the Federal Legislative Palace, the National Assembly has installed the new Permanent Commission on Finance and Economic Development, Sovereignty and Integration, with the aim of recovering the country’s economy and positively impacting the salary of Venezuelans.

The Commission was chaired by the deputy Jesús Farías and as vice president of the same Orlando Camacho, and was approved this Tuesday from the protocol chamber where the majority signed said agreement.

For his part, Farías said that from the National Assembly he is aware of “the contributions we can make to achieve the objectives: to recover the economy and that this has a positive effect on salaries, on the improvement of public services and on the quality of employment.”

The deputy added that in addition to contributing to economic development in the country, it should be given “a concrete way to stimulate the entry of foreign investment” and achieve progress “of national investment.”

The Parliament assured that the commission will join the joint work that is being carried out within the Legislative Power in benefit of the closeness between the deputies and the people, in order to continue with the management policies promoted by the National Executive.


Source: Finanzasdigital

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