Musk confirms that X will have video calls

The owner of the social network said this week that the X platform will have support for calls

The X social network (formerly Twitter) will soon incorporate calls and video calls, a novelty that will turn it into a “global address book” and will not require the user’s phone number.

The owner of X, Elon Musk, confirmed the arrival of calls and video calls to X. This is a function that the tycoon himself already anticipated in November, when he shared his plans for what was then known as Twitter 2.0.

These calls and video calls will be available on iOS and Android and on Mac and Windows computers, and will not require users’ phone numbers. The intent is for X to become “the effective global address book,” as Musk has noted in X.

In his day, Musk highlighted that these calls and video calls would be encrypted, so that “users can communicate without worrying about their privacy”, and highlighted the Signal app system, although the latter does require sharing the phone number to get started to be used.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: X, dpa)

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