Music platform Deezer will stop being free in April

Users have until April 18 to enjoy the free service of the Deezer music platform, as it will become paid through the Premium plan

The Deezer music platform will no longer be free starting April 18. The company has issued a statement promoting the Premium, paid plan, for those who wish to continue enjoying the services.

The statement details: “We value that you are part of the community that uses Deezer Free. However, sometimes, good things come to an end. Deezer Free will no longer be available in your country on 04/18/2024. Don’t you want to stop listening to your music? This doesn’t have to be the end! Switch to Deezer Premium today and get 3 months of unlimited, ad-free music for the price of 1”.

Existing Deezer Free customers who opt for the paid plan will enjoy this offer. However, new users will have to choose one of the payment plans: “Premium, for a single user for €11.99/month; Duo for two users for €15.99/month; and Family, for up to six users for €19.99/month.”

All plans maintain one month free and a 25 % annual subscription discount.

The change from the platform to a payment system is possibly a consequence of bad timing for Deezer.


Source: muycomputer

(Reference image source: Devon Divine on Unsplash)

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