MyCrypto launches new desktop application

The platform seeks to provide greater efficiency through a partnership with Hardware Wallet Support

The well-known digital cryptocurrency exchange platform MyCrypto has just launched its latest 1.2.0 desktop application to offer users greater efficiency and consolidate current functions.

In partnership with Hardware Wallet Support, the platform announced on social networks that private keys can no longer be used online but through the application.

Undoubtedly, security measures are the guarantee for users regarding the operation of the tool for the online exchange of cryptocurrencies. With the new application, MyCrypto can create new portfolios and use the ParitySynger app for interaction with Ethereum.

Through the communication of the platform they also announced that users can continue the online management of MetaMask, Ledger and Trezor without problems.

Another novelty that could be known was the background update through the launch of Moon mode. It is a dark background similar to the one used in Twitter for those who prefer to minimize the glow when using their mobile devices.


Source: CryptoYum

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