Microsoft introduces Windows 11 SE to compete with Chromebooks

It was created especially for the education sector and focused on the cloud, where most of the files will be stored that can be consulted from remote computers

Microsoft has presented its new Windows 11 SE operating system, designed specifically for use in education and for students, with which it intends to compete with Chromebooks, laptops that use ChromeOS.

This operating system gives priority to the cloud, in order to serve teachers who need a simple environment, with easy access to the content that is taught in classes, as the company announced in a statement.

Windows 11 SE is designed for students in grades K-8, that is, for children between 5-14 years old, who use a laptop provided by the school or college. Therefore, one of the main differences with respect to Windows 11 is that it has an interface that helps avoid distractions.

It features a simplified design so that students can concentrate during class, as Microsoft has removed the multiple Snap Layouts features of Windows 11 and adjusts the windows to provide the full-screen version of those applications.

Safe experience

On the other hand, in Windows 11 SE, applications can only be installed by IT administrators to ensure that students have a safe experience. In this way, users will not have access to the Microsoft Store nor will they be able to download applications from the Internet at will.

Although the device has a number of applications installed as standard by the manufacturer, other apps can continue to be used through the Microsoft Edge browser, without the need to download and install them.

Some of the standard apps on Windows 11 SE devices are Teams, Office, OneNote, Minecraft for Education, and Flipgrid, which IT administrators don’t have to install separately.

Along with this launch, Microsoft has detailed which are the devices that can be used with this operating system, among which are Lenovo 100w Gen3, Acer TravelMate B3 or Dell Latitude 3120.

Source: dpa

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