Metaverse: Challenges and advantages of “meta-trading”

The metaverse begins to be present in industries and organizations, which show their confidence in the world of augmented reality

The metaverse continues to capture the attention not only of millions of users, but also that companies and important firms have decided to bet on a space in the virtual world, with the intention of attracting new clients and further expanding their brand.

In this sense, the commercial director of Cirion Chile, David Lacobucci, addressed how the metaverse or “meta-commerce” can help the various companies, according to information shared by the newspaper El Peruano.

“Time has shown that the Internet turned out to be a very effective channel for sales, that no one disputes and that in some markets it has become the most important channel. With the metaverse, the same thing will probably happen since there is previous experience and the use of electronic commerce has become widespread”, Lacobucci said.

In addition, the expert pointed out that among the challenges that companies must overcome for meta-commerce, he highlights that of generating trust in customers and finding a way to guarantee and make transactions safe within the world of augmented reality.

“Surely there will be businesses that will quickly achieve profitability and some others that will have to find the right way to make this new channel a profitable business opportunity,” said the businessman.

Metaverse: An opportunity for brands

According to David Lacobucci, it is estimated that the metaverse could boost electronic commerce because it becomes a new sales channel, highlighting that the exchange of goods and services could also be carried out with digital currencies, thus promoting digital commerce.

“It is clear that the metaverse offers new opportunities and opportunity spaces, but – before getting involved – it is key for each organization to define what it wants to do and define the business strategy it wants to develop and what target audience it will be seeking to attract. After that, you can start with a pilot test in order to verify that the initial assumptions are met,” he said.

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