Mastercard launches Zwipe Pay biometric card platform

The evolution in digital payments reached Mastercard, which has just launched a new platform for digital payment with biometric cards

Mastercard announced the launch of the Zwipe Pay platform for biometric cards, which represents a new advance in the digital payment system.

It is a revolutionary option in the electronic market, where the provider Zwipe AS makes the new biometric card platform available to Mastercard. Previously, the card issuing company had requested the certificate to use Zwipe Pay before the United States authorities.

By obtaining the go-ahead through the Component Declaration of Conformity Certificate, users can request Mastercard approval for biometric cards.

Robert Puskaric, CEO of Zwipe, has indicated that this launch paves the way for further developments by the card issuer. “The way is now open for smart card manufacturers and issuers around the world to certify, produce and deploy biometric Mastercard cards based on Zwipe Pay,” he added.


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Source: iproup

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