Mastercard launches Web3 card for cryptocurrency payments

Through an alliance with Immersve, Mastercard launched a card for crypto payments in the real world and in the metaverse

Payments on the Web3, with cryptocurrencies, in the real world and the metaverse, are made possible by a partnership between Mastercard and Immersve.

Mastercard reported that the new product constitutes the most decentralized digital payment card to date. It will allow users to spend with their cryptocurrencies through a new “web3/metaverse multi-chain payment protocol.”

The system can interact on Web3 with the infrastructure of Web2. Regarding the payments, they will be made using the USCD stablecoin, which Circle has developed.

In this sense, Jerome Faury, CEO of the Immersve platform, indicated that the joint work with Mastercard allows them to move towards Web3 and strengthen digital payments, both in the real world and in the metaverse.


Source: observatorioblockchain

(Reference image source: Patrick Tomasso, Unsplash)

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