Mastercard launches alliance with Indonesian cryptocurrency portal

The Mastercard company creates an alliance with the Indonesian cryptocurrency portal Fasset to develop digital solutions that facilitate financial inclusion

The financial services company, Mastercard, established an alliance with the Indonesian cryptocurrency portal Fasset in order to develop digital solutions that facilitate financial inclusion in the Asian country.

The manager of Mastercard Indonesia, Navin Jain, stressed that the alliance plans to “expand financial inclusion”, extend opportunities for the development of the economy in the country and support citizens in access to digital technologies.

For his part, the executive of Fasset, Hendra Suryakusuma, maintained that the alliance with Mastercard will allow closing the gap between the financial system and the citizens of Indonesia, since there are currently 92 million inhabitants who do not have any type of financial services. It is an unbanked population.

“Our partnership seeks to reduce barriers to digital finance and drive greater opportunities to benefit from the use of emerging financial services,” Suryakusuma noted.

Impact on the global crypto world

According to the Fasset executive, the adoption of cryptocurrencies by Indonesia will have a very positive impact on the global crypto ecosystem, and he considers that they will be a reference model for other countries that wish to develop their economies.

For Suryakusuma, “the implications in the industry are a greater legitimation of crypto assets, their use cases and application areas.”

While the Mastercard company has been developing and executing actions to link with the cryptocurrency market. Last June, the company extended its network for non-fungible token (NFT) markets, allowing its customers to purchase with their NFT cards without having to buy crypto beforehand.

M. Rodríguez

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