Maduro created a Commission for the Defense of Guayana Essequiba

The Venezuelan president appointed a special commission to address the situation around the territory surrounding the nation

In a decision that marks a momentous change in territorial policy, the national president, Nicolás Maduro, announced the creation of the High Commission for the Defense of Guyana Essequiba, which will be composed of the Defense Council, the Federal Government Council, the National Security Council and representatives of different political, religious and academic sectors, and is set up with the purpose of addressing the complex territorial problems surrounding the region.

Delcy Rodríguez at the head of the Commission

Within the Federal Government Council, it was emphasized that Delcy Rodríguez will assume the leadership of this crucial Commission. His appointment suggests a determined focus on the defense and understanding of the region of Guyana Essequiba, highlighting the strategic importance of this figure in the resolution of territorial disputes.

Redrawing borders

As part of a comprehensive strategy, Maduro has ordered the publication and dissemination of the new map of Venezuela in educational institutions, from schools to universities. This gesture goes beyond the symbolic, implying a concrete redefinition of the national territory.

The visualization of these new borders could have a significant impact on the geographic perception of the population, marking a cultural change in the understanding of the national space.

Information taken from DobleLlave

(Reference image source: X, @NicolasMaduro)

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