Ledger warns customers about data leak

The company reported that the attack compromised emails from nearly a million people

Leading cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider Ledger has warned its customers of a data leak that occurred between June and July of this year, compromising the emails of up to a million people.

The Wallet indicated, through a document, that the leak was discovered after an investigator participating in its rewards program found details of a possible vulnerability on its website.

The company also added that details of clients such as name, surname, post address and telephone number were exposed, the latter affecting a total of 9,500 people. Since then, the company continues to monitor online markets in search of the sale of stolen data.

Although the failure was immediately solved, the investigations revealed that the gap was generated by an authorized third party who carried out the same operation on June 25 of this year.

For its part, Ledger assures its clients that the security of “payment information and cryptocurrency funds are safe… As for their e-commerce data, no payment information, nor credentials (passwords), were affected by this violation of data. It only affected the contact details of our clients.”


Source: Diariobitcoin

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