Microsoft tests settings for sharing files between a PC and an Android mobile

With the new Windows settings, users could share files between a PC and a smartphone with the Android system

Thanks to the new settings that Microsoft is testing for Windows, users of PCs and Android smartphones could share files and functions from Home Windows.

According to the company, what they seek is to provide greater “synergy between a Windows Home PC and a smartphone, allowing users to respond to text messages, receive and make calls, and check their phone notifications directly from the computer.”

It involves establishing a synchronization between a PC and an Android mobile phone with Home Windows through the Cellphone Hyperlink application. The functionality is part of the new internal Windows preview that Microsoft is testing. Now, clicking “Share” on a file “will bring up a quick share window showing the user’s Android phone that has been paired with the PC.”

This news was announced as part of the Beta Channel updates with Home Windows 11 Insider Preview Construct 22635.3785. It has been warned that they may take time to be available to all Home Windows 11 users.

But the innovations don’t stop there. “Other improvements being tested with Preview Construct include adjustments to the Home Windows Highlight feature, as well as other fixes for known issues. The update will make it easier for users to change images and interact with the Home Windows Highlight experience on the desktop.”

It is timely to remember that in May, a report from Home Windows Central claimed that the Cellphone Hyperlink application on Home Windows would soon get a “new optical character recognition (OCR) feature that would allow users to copy text from images.” It is a matter of hoping that the technology company will soon make the formal announcement of said change.


Source: oficinista

(Reference image source: Chase Chappell en Unsplash)

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