Instagram adds privacy by default to children’s accounts

The social network seeks to increase security and protection for the youngest users of the platform

Instagram announced changes to its platform to increase the security of younger users, which involve setting a new account as private by default and implementing a technology to stop unwanted interactions with adults.

The technology company defends that private accounts are the best option for younger users, since they prevent them from having interactions with adults they do not know or with whom they do not want to have contact.

Therefore, from this week, and globally, the platform will make the new accounts of underage users private by default (instead of giving them the option to choose between public or private, as before).

From Instagram they explain that the private account configuration forces people to follow this account in order to see the content it shares, also in the Stories and Reels videos, although they will not be able to leave comments and they will not see the content in suggestions from Explore or ‘hashtags’.

For younger users who already have a public account on Instagram, the platform will display a notification informing about the advantages of having a private account and the privacy settings.

K. Tovar

Source: El Universal

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