Innovations that will transform the world in 2022

The dizzying development of satellite internet, the sale of quantum computers and artificial meat are part of what the world will see in 2022

The pandemic has transformed the way people relate to their environment. At present, technology has a fundamental function, since advances, innovations and discoveries are faster every day. There is great expectation about how the lifestyle of people globally will be transformed in 2022.

Communications transformation

One of the most relevant events for 2022 is the expansion of Starlink, Elon Musk’s company, whose mission is to bring satellite internet to all remote areas of the world. This coupled with the 5G technology that is being developed in many countries will give immense power to the internet. Some analysts estimate that internet consumption will increase by more than 30 % worldwide, while online sales will increase by 100 %.

An important aspect to consider with the expansion of Starlink is the impact it could have on other mobile phone service providers in different countries, leading them to disappear because the antennas that currently provide the service are obsolete when compared to the Musk satellite company.

Another event of great importance, from a technological point of view, is the launch of the iPhone 14, considered the most powerful in history. It will have a 48-megapixel camera and record in 8K HDR, kicking off Apple’s new augmented reality project that will compete with Facebook’s metaverse.

For its part, Tesla plans to launch its first smartphone called PI by the end of 2022, which will surpass the iPhone in all its aspects. This new device could cost 3 times less than iPhone. Among its features it stands out that it will be compatible with Elon Musk’s satellite network; that is, you will never lose the signal anywhere in the world and users will never turn off roaming again in their life.

Additionally, it is believed to have the fastest processor of any phone in history. Also, some assure that it will be a great success in a very short time because everyone will want to have Starlink internet and satellite signal.

Technological revolution

For the first months of 2022, the companies Google, Amazon and IBM are expected to make the first computers with quantum technology available to the public. These mega computers perform in seconds the tasks that a conventional computer would perform in 10 thousand years.

Another event of great importance is related to the mission of the James Webb telescope, launched into orbit on December 25 and considered the most powerful telescope in history, which will allow us to observe the universe and provide the greatest knowledge about the solar system, the formation of stars, planets and the evolution of galaxies. As well as the search for atmospheres that harbor life, representing a milestone for the scientific community.

Innovation in the food sector

By 2022, the first non-animal edible meat is expected to be launched on the market. After many years of experiments, it has been possible to create artificial meat, without antibiotics or hormones, and unlike the current process of raising cattle, the production of this new meat does not pollute and is much healthier. It is estimated that by 2030 more than 10 % of the meat consumed worldwide will be artificial meat, helping to reduce global warming.

M. Rodríguez

With information from specialized technology sources

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