Inflation in Argentina accelerates favorable position towards the creation of the digital peso

The situation that Argentina is experiencing due to the rise in inflation, which could exceed 90%, encourages citizens to think of a better monetary option, such as the creation of the digital Argentine peso

Inflation in Argentina continues to rise. Analysts estimate that by the end of 2022 it could be above 90 %. The way out of this crisis could be in the creation of the digital peso and the elimination of the current currency.

This measure, if taken in the not too distant future, would represent a 180° turn in the Argentine financial system. According to the former director of the New Bank of Chaco, Carlos María De Los Santos, one option would be to eliminate the “physical representation of the Argentine peso” and in this way speed up the processes that allow reducing tax evasion, currently located at 50 %.

There has been talk of the “Digital Argentine Peso” plan, which according to local experts would help reduce taxes in addition to opening the way to a surplus for the national economy. The plan is part of the need for a fintech strategy for the country, which especially proposes the creation of digital peso.

The digital transformation of the financial sector in the South American nation is, without a doubt, another crucial factor to achieve the goal of digital peso, with the due regulatory framework that provides security to all the actors involved and to the population of Argentina.


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Source: diariobitcoin

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