Horacio Velutini: Stock market is channel and key part for economic recovery and growth

Moderate optimism among managers was manifested during the meeting of this February 22, held by the Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Moderate optimism among managers was manifested during the meeting on February 22, held by the Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In the live and direct survey, whose results were reported at the end of the day, attendees and participants estimated for this year a growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 3.52 %. 83.1 % of the executives surveyed expect a good or regular to good situation for their sectors in 2024. However, they anticipate and assume inflation and a rise in the dollar.

The new president of the Caracas Stock Exchange, Horacio Velutini, participated in one of the panels, and focused his arguments and information on opportunities for companies and the country

At the Eurobuilding Hotel & Suites – Caracas, with excellent participation of speakers and attendees, was held the event Economic Perspectives 2024 convened and organized by VenAmCham. Different exhibitors, who are reference in their areas of expertise, took part in the Program with their vision and opinions.

Economists Ricardo Hausmann and Tamara Herrera intervened via international connection the first, and in person the second. Both referred to and analyzed the Panorama of the Global Economy Vs the Venezuelan Economy for the current year.

One of the scheduled panels that attracted particular attention was that of Bank Credits and Business Opportunities; it was composed by Kathy Di Battista of Xtreme Group as moderator, Jorge Nogueroles of the Banking Association, Arnoldo Gabaldón of Cashea, and Horacio Velutini Sosa, new president of the Caracas Stock Exchange and member of the board of directors of the National Investment Promotion Council.

For Velutini, the potential of Venezuela is immense, so he invited to communicate and share positively this great, as well as present, opportunity

The large public participation brought together entrepreneurs, managers, business leaders and various professionals. The Venemergencia Group in the person of its partner and co-founder, Andrés Simón Gonzalez-Silén, as well as Cashea and its Chief Financial Officer Arnoldo Gabaldón, were active in multiple conversations and informative contacts with the attendees of the event.


Joint coverage by Bitfinance.News and Doblellave.com

Photos and video: Jesús Ramírez

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