Harvard scientists developed hacker-proof quantum network

A group of physicists from Harvard University developed a hacker-proof quantum communications network

A group of physicists at Harvard University developed the longest quantum communications network, 22 miles between nodes (35,405.6 meters), hacker-proof.

Scientists believe they have “built what they believe is the world’s longest secure quantum communications network, using 22 miles of existing fiber optic cables.”

The experiment is based on connecting “two functional quantum computer nodes to each other through a strange physical phenomenon called entanglement.”

With this procedure, the physicists managed to share data throughout the 22 miles of distance in a paradigm that, according to the laws of physics, is impossible to hack.

The invention will be very useful for anyone who may be the victim of an attack or security breach on what is known as Q-Day, “a hypothetical point in the near future when malicious actors will have access to quantum computers powerful enough to destroy current encryption methods.”

Currently, this is one of the reasons that drives companies, banks, military installations and the health industry to seek stronger security protocols to protect their data.

Faced with the possibility of unwanted interception of data during transmission, no matter how well the information is encrypted, quantum computers and quantum networks become the most suitable option.

Quantum mechanics makes the teleportation of data possible, preventing it from being copied. The information must be intertwined at both points. “This is achieved by using diamonds with a specific type of defect in their hearts that allows scientists to exploit empty space to entangle quantum information.”


Source: cointelegraph

(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Galina Nelyubova)

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