Hangouts will be disabled in November

Google is informing users that by the end of the year it will permanently remove Hangouts

The Hangouts messaging application will cease to be operational in November, thus completing Google’s plans to migrate all users and their conversations to the Chat tool.

Starting this week, users of the Hangouts mobile app will see a message urging them to switch to Chat, either the mobile version or the integrated version of Gmail. This notification will also be shown to users of the Chrome extension, who will need to use Chat for the web or the Chat app itself.

This is the latest stretch of Google’s plans to retire Hangouts in favor of Chat. As he explains on his official blog, users still using Hangouts in Gmail will automatically switch to Chat in Gmail, and those accessing Hangouts for the web will have until the end of the year to migrate to Chat for the web.

To facilitate the transition from one application to another, Google began the migration from Hangouts to Chats in 2021, allowing the transfer of conversations, contacts and history, something that can be done with the help of Takeout, the data download tool of the company.

However, this transfer process will be available until November, when Hangouts will no longer be available, as indicated by the company.

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